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I’ve spend more than a decade trying to figure out how to create websites that earn money as passively as possible!

I share my tips and tricks on this channel!

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I’m creating a complete step-by-step course with ALL my secrets tricks and tips. 

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You don’t need any experience beforehand as I explain everything on a step-by-step basis. 

However, it’s not a beginner’s course only! 

I hold nothing back and I’m absolutely sure you will earn back the expense very quickly if you’re already in the game!

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Examples of my websites

I make 5 figures per month (USD) from a large portfolio of websites.

I build some to keep and I also sell off a site now and then. I LOVE to start new sites and I have started 5 new sites over the last 18 months.

Here are a few examples of my sites.


One of our bigger sites is GoDownsize.com. It gets more than 500,000 page views per month from Google + some good Pinterest traffic.

It’s started out as a site about downsizing and minimalism and today it’s also about the lifestyle that often follows: RVing, boating, and sustainable living.


I started the site in Nov. 2018 and sold it Sept. 2020. I got it to 73,000 monthly page views from 107 articles (of which 15 had not aged yet).

It made around $1,000 /month and I sold for $30,000.

This was a fun little passion-project of mine to test a few things. I actually wrote most of the content myself.


This is a site I started in October 2018. It currently gets 50,000 pageviews per month from 32 articles.

Steal My Toolbox

It’s really important to use the right tools and services. 
I’ve tried a ton of them and these are the ones I use today.