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What's In The Course?
  • Finding lucrative niches
  • Find killer domain names that are available
  • All my topic research techniques
  • Learn to write content that ranks
  • Get links organically
  • Clean SEO tips that works
  • Fast and perfect site setup
  • Proven monetization strategies
  • Social media guidelines
  • …and much more!

The Passive Income course is a mix of text, tools, and easy-to-follow videos to help you along the way.

There are more than 18 hours (!) of over-the-shoulder videos where I show you all my tactics!

Also included is 7 hours of topic research spanning 8 different niches!

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$399 for a year

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30 day full money-back guarantee

Watch Me Build a Site From Scratch

Inside the course, I also build a new site completely from scratch. You can follow each step and see exactly how to put the course into action.

From niche research and finding a domain to topic research (finding underserved topics), article outlining, writing, monetization, and much more!

Not only will you have all the lessons with practical steps… You can lean back and watch me do it!

It’s more than 15 hours (!) of video!

This is probably the most important part of the course!

Modules & Lessons

Choosing a Good Niche

  • Introduction
    Action step
  • Niches to stay away from (6 lessons)
    Important things to take into account in order to find good lucrative niches. We dive into issues that may hold the site back in Google, premium ad networks, or affiliate networks. Lots’ of practical examples.
  • Brainstorming niches (5 lessons)
    Over-the-shoulder videos of how to find niches no one has thought of as well as niches that do really well with ads and affiliate offers.
  • Checking the earning potential (3 lessons)
    Figure out if the niche is big enough and whether it is targeting a good audience in terms of revenue potential.
  • Checking the competition
    Learn to access the competition and how to know if you should stay away or go for it.
  • Do the math
    Action step. Evaluation tool to help you make the final decision.

Topic Research

  • Before We Dive In (4 lessons)
    Important tools to know and mistakes to be aware of. I present the framework and the mindset behind the techniques and we dive into a tool that helps us find sub-niches within our niche with the best payouts for ads and affiliate.
  • Checking the Competition (4 lessons)
    In-depth dive into finding and evaluating underserved topics. We also look at what content to write when and content length. Learn about when exactly you can beat other articles in Google.
  • Topic Research Techniques (6 lessons)
    Practical strategies and tactics with lengthy tutorial videos for 3 different niches. This module is really extensive and features lots of practical tips and unique hacks to help you find endless streams of topics that you can actually rank for.
  • Additional Tips (4 lessons)
    How to find topics with lots of traffic as well as topics to avoid. Unique tips and insights that can really transform how you do topic research.
  • Before You Move On
    Action step

Finding a Good Domain Name

  • Before We Get Started
    Action step. Introduction to the mindset behind this module.
  • What is a Good Domain Name? (4 lessons)
    Choosing a strong domain name you can grow with. I help you avoid several common mistakes I’ve seen people do again and again. Full of practical examples and a techniques to validate your ideas.
  • Great Online Tools (4 lessons)
    100% Free tools and practical videos with lots of examples. There’s a unique excel sheet that will help you find really strong available domain names when used together with an online tool. I’ve used this technique to find most of my best domains.
  • Before You Register Your Domain (4 lessons)
    Important things to check to avoid common mistakes that may otherwise prevent your site from ranking in Google or may get you in trouble with copyright issues etc.

Setting Up Your Website

  • Introduction
    Background information needed for the module.
  • Platform and Hosting
    Practical tips and pitfalls to be aware of and how to choose a good plan for what we will build.
  • Setting Up the Site
    Easy to follow step-by-step guides to getting WordPress and Google Analytics set up correctly for our needs.
  • Google Search Console Settings
    Easy setup guide and important information about Search Console.
  • More WordPress Settings
    Information about theme selection and practical step-by-step guides to a proper setup. I log into one of my bigger sites and show you my settings, so you can copy-paste my settings
  • Double Lesson
    We design and compose important pages to help your site attract links organically. Practical steps that can make a huge difference in the performance of your site in the long run.

Writing Awesome Content

  • Understanding Search Intent
    Introduction to my framework for content and why most people don’t get this right. In-depth guide with lots of examples and practical tips for creating content to keep readers engaged.
  • What Should I Put in The Article?
    Lengthy video tutorial on how to find subtopics and create great outlines every time. I show you my unique approach to getting more traffic. Everything you need to write great content that will beat the competition. I also go over common mistakes to avoid.
  • Writing Great Headlines (4 lessons)
    Ways to get more clicks from Google. Full of examples and very practical tips.
  • Content Designed to Attract Links (6 lessons)
    Four important types of content that will bring you links organically. I show exactly how to replicate my biggest successes across niches and share all my strategies for getting links with strategically designed content.
  • Content designed To Be Monetized with Ads (3 lessons)
    Unique types of articles that work really well with display ads including a special technique to get lots of traffic from smaller topics. Full of examples. 
  • Content Designed to Be Monetized with Affiliate (2 lessons)
    New and fresh ways to find topics that are very easy to monetize with affiliate links. Examples of pitfalls to avoid and ways to boost earnings. (This will change how you find topic for affiliate links!)

SEO Tips

  • Optimizing Articles for Google
    Guide to all you need to know to rank in Google today. A great checklist to make sure you get it all right every time.
  • Technical Stuff
    Practical steps to maximize your ranking potential in Google. I also show you how to get a fast-loading site without technical skills.
  • How My Sites Get Links (4 lessons)
    Easy strategies to getting links organically that will actually get you better rankings in Google. You will learn how to do this for any site in any niche. I also show you how to get the most out of each link you get to your site.
  • Featured Snippets (7 lessons)
    My strategy for grabbing google snippets with your content. We go over each snippet type and show you how to optimize your content for it. I also share unique tactics to check exactly what Google is after and how you can test until you get it just right.
  • Why I Don’t Use SEO Plugins
    Tactics I use that give me more traffic from Google without SEO plugins. I also go over exceptions for when you should use an SEO plugin on your site.
  • Let Google Know When You Hit Publish
    Steps to get your new site indexed in Google quicker.


  • Premium Ads (6 lessons)
    Everything you need to understand about premium ads to make the most revenue. How to find the best topics for high ad earnings in any niche and common misconceptions. We also go over the factors that impacts ad earnings on your site and a hack to earn even more with ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing (5 lessons)
    I teach you how to find the best products to promote.
    Good ways to get more people to click your affiliate links and how to find easy-to-rank topics that do well with affiliate marketing. I also share a strategy to make more from each sale.
  • Other Ways to Monetize (3 lessons)
    How to come up with and create info products that people are actually looking to buy. I also share my learnings from doing consulting work for a decade. Thoughts on lead generation and email campaigns.

Social Media

  • Introduction
    My mindset about social media.
    NOTE: It’s not necessary to create any social profiles or buzz in social media in order to follow my course. You can use my course without any social media presence. In fact, that’s how I do it for most of my sites as you will see in the course.
  • Facebook
    Important pitfalls to be aware of with Facebook and where you can use Facebook as a blogger.
  • Pinterest
    When to use Pinterest and when to stay away from it. I log in to my Pinterest account and show the numbers and how I use Pinterest. (There are also practical examples of how to use Pinterest elsewhere in the course.)
  • YouTube
    How I use YouTube for some sites and how to use it proactively to get more traffic. I also reveal a mistake I made that ruined several channels.
  • The Rest
    Four other social platforms, how I use them, and important pitfalls to avoid.

Outsourcing Content

  • Two Types of Writers
    A unique perspective to help you find the best writers for our purpose. Three unique tips that will save you a lot of money when outsourcing content.
  • How to Hire Writers
    How to get experienced writers for your niche. Tips to help you not get fooled by writers and my step-by-step process for onboarding. I also lay out the specific numbers you should expect.
  • How to Hire on [Specific Platform]
    Guide to get setup on the job board site and my template for job posts to get the best writers with experience in your niche, including a great hack to cut down the number of bad applicants to save you a lot of time and sweat.
  • How to Hire Editors
    How to find and hire editors to get the writers content and get it online. I also share my job post template and what I look for in an editor.
  • Working with Writers & Editors
    How I work with my writers and editors on a daily and weekly basis. The systems, tools and checklists of my editors. How I publish 100 articles per month from 5-10 hours of work per week.
  • Plagiarism Checkers
    We have tested all the plagiarism tools and found a cheap tool that most people don’t use (or know exist). It catches 95% of plagiarism. It’s actually the only tool we’ve found to be really effective.

I’m ready, let’s get started!

$399 for a year

($199 per additional year)

30 day full money-back guarantee

Examples of my sites

One of our bigger sites is It gets more than 300,000 page views per month from Google + good Pinterest traffic.

It’s started out as a site about downsizing and minimalism and today it’s one of the biggest RV sites.

It a seasonal site that mainly gets traffic in the Summer, and at peaks it makes $30,000 from ads and affiliate.

I started the site in Nov. 2018 and sold it Sept. 2020. I took it to 73,000 monthly pageviews from 107 articles (of which 15 had not aged yet).

It made around $1,000 /month and I sold for $30,000.

This is a site I started in October 2018. 

After only a year – it already got 50,000 pageviews per month from 32 articles.

What others say

I’m ready, let’s get started!

$399 for a year

($199 per additional year)

30 day full money-back guarantee

About me

I’m Morten Storgaard, 42 years old and lucky to have a wonderful wife and a cool little toddler named Max.

In 2007, I started an e-commerce site and quickly hired people to take care of everything else than SEO and online marketing (which quickly became my passion).

After three years, I went full-time as an SEO consultant while I started to build my own portfolio of passive income sites.

Today I run a portfolio of sites together with an awesome team of writers and editors which has enabled me to travel to 20+ countries on 4 continents with Maria and Max.

Now it’s time to share what I’ve learned with you guys!

My main motivation for going after PASSIVE income is to be able to spend most days with Max and Maria.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course will teach you all you need to know to go from scratch to full-time income. It doesn’t matter where you currently are on that journey. There are a few modules you can skip if you already have a site but there are also a lot of really valuable content for people who have been in the game for a long time. All is laid out in plain English (no insider lingo!) 

Nope. I myself am from Denmark where I still live with my wife and kid. But I do focus on an American audience in the videos and the materials because that’s where you will make the most money. But you can easily apply it to any language and geographical location you wish. I also have sites in Danish and Norwegian where I use the same tactics.

You pay $399 for the first year and $199 to renew for an additional year. There is a recurring fee because I will continue to make updates and additions to the course over time, as well as keep you abreast of industry changes and best practices. You could choose to do this on your own, but by remaining a member I’ll do this hard work for you so that you can focus on your website!

All and everything. There are no up-sells or additional courses. You get access to everything immediately when you buy the course.

You will not need to purchase any tools or services in order to follow the course, other than a domain name and a basic hosting plan in order to get your site up and running. I do show you how to use a few paid tools down the line but those are completely optional and not necessary to succeed.

It largely depends on how much content you produce early on. But with 2-3 articles per week, you should expect 20-50,000 page views per month after around a year. And that should make you $400-$1,000 per month from ads and then we can add some affiliate income, which should bring even more revenue. But remember, I cannot guarantee the success of your business, no one can. I can simply show you what I do to see success with my sites.

I never run discounts, deals, etc. – not even for Black Friday and such. I think it’s a lot easier to set the price right the first time. The price is always the same. I didn’t even built in a voucher system in the cart.

I tried to implement it but it was a mess for my accountant and also too much work to let people in and out whenever the money came in late or someone missed a payment. So – you’ll have to save up the money yourself for a few months if you need some time to set the money aside.

$399 for a year

($199 per additional year)

30 day full money-back guarantee


Some marketers have meant a great deal to me and helped me get where I am today. Tim Ferris is one of them. His book “4-Hour Work Week” initially helped me realise that passive income is possible.

Jim & Ricky from Income School also mean a lot to me. I like their clean SEO approach and it also inspired some of my thinking.

And finally, Pat Flynn was the first one I found who created passive income websites. I was addicted to his podcast!

Contact me


You can also send me a private message if you’re a member of the community (connected to the course).