Affiliate program

Earn a commission from referring your audience to my course

  1. You must have an active audience on a website, YouTube, a podcast, etc.
  2. You must be a member of my course
  3. You accept the rules as laid out below

Shoot me an email at and include as much detail as possible about your platform and your audience. Include also your username in my community.
The more information, the higher the chances you get approved!

If you get approved we will send you all the information you need.

What are the rules?

  • We do NOT accept any talk or mentions of coupons, discounts etc. around the link. And if we find talk about coupons and discounts around the link, we will terminate you and commissions will not be paid out.
  • You are not allowed to drive paid traffic such as using or bidding on my brand names on Google Ads or Facebook.
  • You are not allowed to mask the referrer. We need to see where your traffic comes from at all times.
  • You cannot use our brand names (including “Morten Storgaard”) in domain names or to bid on paid traffic from search engines.
  • You must make sure you are only listing correct information about the course when promoting your link. If conditions and info inside the course is updated you are obligated to update your information as well so people find correct and relevant information.
  • You cannot reveal any tips or information from inside the course without a written consent from Morten (ask when in doubt!)

What is the commission?
We pay a 25% commission ($99 per sale). The cookie time is 30 days. We pay out the commissions monthly at the beginning of the next month. When a customer asks for a refund we don’t pay the commission.

Typically a few days to a week.

We pay commissions monthly via PayPal.